Grape Chat

Grape Chat


A chat application example built with Deno+Fresh+Resin CSS.

Mainly focusing on demonstrating how the UI constructed with Resin.


Unlike a typical chat UI, you can switch between two avatars to make a conversation by yourself :)

There are no login features for easiness. An avatar is selected from preset characters.

A chat message is broadcasted to all users who is showing the app.

Maximum 20 message logs are retained on the server. Any more than that will be discarded.

The UI

There are two avatar selection parts on either side of the input text field. Clicking the icon selects the avatar to be used for speaking. The selected icon is highlighted with a blue border. You can switch avatar characters respectively by pressing the small button under the name.


The avatar character icons are adapted from FreePencil's website.


If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact to the address below.

mail: yahiro1200